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Welcome to Wildstar's Housing

Carbine has created a fantastic and deep housing system in Wildstar. With more than 1000 house items so far and a vast array of house customization, Wildstar's housing should keep you entertained for ages. With so many options and interesting ways to decorate, this site aims to provide you with as much information as we can to help you build the house of your endless desires. Well maybe not endless desires, but you get the point. It's just plain fun.

Design the Look

From the roof of your house to the trim on the inside, Wildstar provides several options for giving your house that right combination.Our site will give you a comprehensive look at all your different options.

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Decorate Your Pad

There are over a thousand items in the game which you can use to decorate the inside of your house as well as the outside. House decor comes from a variety of sources. We'll help you find those special items that'll make your snazzy pad really shine.

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Build More Stuff

Is just having a house not good enough for you? Well, good news! There are items to help you expand your plot of land into something special. Our site covers the various structures that can be built and how to acquire them!

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Website Statistics

Want to know how far we're coming with the database?
You can track our progress here.

  • There are 2516 total decor items.
  • 0 of those items are still uncategorized.
  • But hey, we know where 2456 of them come from. Mostly.
  • We have in-game screenshots of 1537 decor items.
  • And 10 in-game screenshots of housing plugs.
  • The community has even supplied 6 screenshots!
  • There are 51 vendors in the database.
  • 87 challenges offer decor and FABkits.

Latest Site News

Latest Housing Items with Screenshots

Here are the last 9 decor items added to the database with screenshots. Why only the latest with screenshots? Because do you really want to see a bunch of 'no thumbnail' pictures in this fancy featured section? We didn't think so. Besides, all this section is for is to fill up some screen room on the front page. No one really looks at these.

Mordesh Welder (Male, Style 1)

Mordesh Welder (Female, Style 1)

Mechari Welder (Male, Style 1)

Mechari Welder (Female, Style 1)

Granok Welder (Male, Style 1)

Granok Welder (Female, Style 1)

Exile Welder (Male, Style 1)

Exile Welder (Female, Style 1)

Draken Welder (Male, Style 1)