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Want to Donate?

Let us make something perfectly clear. This website is free for users. It will always be free. Anybody can use it at any time, no problem. We love that people are using the site and enjoying it. As you may have noticed, as of now, we have no advertising on the website. Frankly, we're not huge fans of it. We strive really hard to create a very nice aesthetic website. So we're not about to kill the design with a gazillion ads. You won't like it, and we won't like it.

However, the truth of the matter is, creating a website such as this one is extensive. There's multiple costs related to running the website for starters, and the more we grow the larger the costs will be. There's the multitude of hours spent poring over code and databases until your eyes bleed. There's the constant nagging from your signifigant others as you try to explain to them "I'm not just playing a silly game, I am researching for the website!" There's trying to juggle your time between gathering assets in the game for the website and actually progressing through the game while your subscription ticks away. There's... well... you get the point. This has been a monumental task.

So at the end of the day, with a project like this, one has to ask himself, "At some point should I advertise and try to get a small amount of compensation for this gigantic task?" At this point, we can say that we're not ready to place a few small ads on the website. The day may come, but we're not there yet. But we WOULD like to give the users of our beloved site the opportunity to donate to this project to keep our engines firing at full speed. It is completely optional. As we said, this IS a free site. But if you would like to express your appreciation for the work we're doing and for the work that is yet to come for hopefully the next several years, that option is now available to you.

For now we will take donations through Paypal. We can open other options as time goes on based on demand. If there's a donation center you would rather use let us know in the forums and we can look into it. Paypal just seemed like a good place to start for now. Thanks to those who are able to donate and a big thanks to EVERYONE for using this site and all the wonderful feedback that has been received. This has truly been an adventure.