Living in Wildstar

Oh, the Items That Await you...

There are so many damn housing items in this game that it'll make your head spin. Well good thing for you, we're here to bail you out. We have compiled as many items that we can find so far and we present them to you in a variety of manners. Looking to browse some beds? Then try looking through the categories. Want to know what housing items a certain vendor has to offer? We have you covered there too. See, options. We like options, correct?

As you will see, each item has a category attached to it. The categories we use are almost identical to how Wildstar categorizes them. There are a few variations to make some items more noticeable, though. We're confident you won't mind.

Our catalog will feed you all the information you could hope to know about the housing items in the game. Our catalog is constantly expanding as we are exploring and discovering new stuff. So keep checking back to our site for regular updates.

  • Welcome to the Wildstar Housing system. Prepare to have fun.

  • Because a home is just not complete without a Meteor in your yard.

  • Just your local friendly pink haired fella chilling in his new home.

  • Yes. It's a door. Fancy.